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Soul Windows

Eyes, that’s what I find myself thinking about at this moment. A particular type of eyes which I always seem to be searching, or even longing, for. Certain people, not many people, when I meet them or even see them on tv, in music videos, or movies or what have you, just have these … EYES. It’s hard to describe them but I’ll do my best. They’re eyes that say: I know more than what I’m telling you, I’m an old soul, there’s a lot more to me than I’m letting on, there’s a depth to me not found in others. It’s just this certain ‘thing’ to their eyes (yes, that’s really the best way I could put this sentence). What am I seeing? That on the spectrum of emotional and/or spiritual depth they’re on the deeper end, or just that they’re people similar to me and it’s actually my own reflection I’m seeing in them, or that there’s some kind of a connection between us, or all or some of the above? Am I glimpsing the collective unconscious? Do other people get this feeling? I often have the feeling that when I meet one of these people they feel the same way about me; there’s this unspoken “knowing” between us. There’s an element of mysteriousness to the whole thing. It’s pretty trippy, but meeting one of these people is one of the best feelings. I’ve seen it by far more in men than women, which leaves me thinking that it’s skewed by physical attraction (because I like the dudes, not the ladies) … (Aerosmith just popped into my head). But certainly physical attraction is not required, though glasses may be, if your vision is such that you can’t actually see into people’s eyes (which is my case if I’m kind of far away from them). So I’ll just finish by clarifying that no, I’m not high or drunk at the time that I am writing this post, it’s just weird and I’m cool with that.

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