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An environmental version of Pink Floyd’s The Wall

I think you might be on to something random youtube video commenter, you just might. I just love this video/short story, although it made me very sad, and I’m still surprised at how strong of an emotional reaction I had. Apparently though, reading people’s comments on youtube I’m not the only one. Anyway, I am very excited for the related album to come out. Ever since I discovered Once Cell in the Sea, whilst randomly listening to those cd players you can listen to with the big headphones in the record stores, I’ve been re-listening to it every fall, because it reminds me of that season. The artist is A Fine Frenzy, and while I wasn’t really hooked on her second album like I was with the first one, I’m very excited about the third (being released next week). More artists who make albums not singles yes please!

Also check out one of the songs:


Social Change and Round Glasses

A signature or a signal for large scale social change often appearing in conjunction with creative genius? Sinead O’Connor may not seem to fit the theory… however mental illness and unfortunate career-stifling events may have intervened.

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